Microsoft rebrands ‘Windows Azure’ to ‘Microsoft Azure’



I read a c|net article today talking about Microsoft’s plans to rebrand the Windows Azure platform. Our company does Managed Services reselling of Azure and I’m curious how this will affect any of the current operations. Too many times have I seen “rebranding” efforts get coupled with technological changes that have had negative impacts on the service provided.

Like the article says, I agree that the rebranding makes sense. More than just Windows can run on the Azure platform. As a whole, I think the platform has really come a long way. It’s proven to be a reliable cloud IaaS platform though there are some gaps that I hope Microsoft will fill quickly.

The biggest hurdle for us as been the lack of inter-datacenter connectivity. For example, if we have sites running in US West with failover environments in US East, there’s no way to see those networks without going through public interfaces. Not even Site to Site virtual networks work. This has become an issue for us, as we’re trying to figure out the Best Practice for keeping a Disaster Recovery database in sync in a different datacenter with the production database server.

Anyways, I look forward to the name change and keeping the fingers crossed that we don’t see any potentially negative effects from this change!


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