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Month: May 2014

Monitors: Does Size Really Matter?

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been exposed to a number of varying working conditions that either enhanced or negated my productivity. In the last 6 years though, one working condition that I have become increasingly used to (and at an alarming rate) is how much I love my dual 30 inch monitors at work…. Read More ›

Viral Video: Look Up!

This video is spreading across the social media networks like a storm. Ironically enough, the video is a spoken word love story about turning off the mobile devices in our life, disconnecting from the connected world, and actually socializing for real instead of virtually. Go ahead and see what I’m talking about! For me personally,… Read More ›

HDI Conference 2014: An Outsider Looks In

In January 2014, I was looking for opportunities to help myself grow professionally in the IT space. As an IT Director and manager of helpdesks, it’s important that I keep up with the latest and greatest in trends and technologies. Through savvy Google searching, I came across the HDI Conference 2014 webpage. I had never… Read More ›

Meetup Rewind: Angular-JS @ DevBoston

Last night, I attended the Microsoft DevBoston meetup which featured a deep dive look into Google’s new Angular-JS which allows you to transform static markup files into clean, concise dynamic web-applications without much effort or even bulky includes. The meetup was led by Phil Denoncourt (@pd31415), a .NET consultant and a seemingly great dad. A big… Read More ›

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