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Viral Video: Look Up!

This video is spreading across the social media networks like a storm. Ironically enough, the video is a spoken word love story about turning off the mobile devices in our life, disconnecting from the connected world, and actually socializing for real instead of virtually. Go ahead and see what I’m talking about!

For me personally, this video has struck a chord. So often in our lives now, we are constantly looking at a screen, some electronic device telling us either what we should be doing, shouldn’t be doing, and what we’re missing out on. I sometimes think I’m solving my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by paying attention to social media nearly nonstop, but what’s actually happening is it’s making it worse. I see all my friends doing things that I’m not doing and feel left out!

Gary Turk, the creator of the LookUp video has masterfully expressed how I feel when I’m out in public. I’m guilty of looking at phone while in real life social interactions, but I’ve been working on turning my phone off or leaving it face down on a table so that it doesn’t disturb me. When I first moved to Boston I so badly wanted to have conversations on the subway with people, but all people wanted to do was be silent, look at their phones, play their games, be anti-social. Some of that silence is also due to personal space or the lack thereof. It’s crowded on the T and most people just want to get from point A to point B without being talked to by strangers. I get that.

The video is powerful and discusses what used to happen before the dawn of the digital age. When chance encounters turned into relationships that lasted a lifetime. Now our chance encounters occur when a dating site matches you up to a potential partner just because “they check all the boxes.”

So give this advice a whirl. Turn off the phone, ask for directions in person next time, actually hold a real conversation with friends without tweeting to them or texting them from across the table.

Life happens when you look up.  Don’t miss out!

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