Back In Action: The Start of Something…

Sitecore Hacker Is Here

Well, as of tonight, sitting on my comfy couch, watching the televised Spartan race and realizing that I have quite a ways to go before I can climb over any muddy walls, I have made the decision to start the epic journey of socializing, blogging, and trying to get my name out. I want to become the next Sitecore MVParticle-0-1902a13c00000578-93_634x480

So, that is why and @SitecoreHacker has come into existence.

Hacking Sitecore and making it do things that only a select few thought possible is my jam! And to keep you coming back for more, I wanted to draw a little attention to the next blog series that I am going to start putting on every Friday and Tuesday morning!

Upcoming Sitecore Blog Series

SXP8.1: Goodbye Lucene! Hello Solr!

Using Sitecore 8.1 with Autofac 3.5+ and Solr 6 Server (SAY WHAT?!)

In this series, I’ll demonstrate and showcase how I solve the Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrProvider issues associated with the newer versions of Autofac, SolrNet, and other goodies!

  • The SXP8.1: Goodbye Lucene! Hello Solr! series includes:
    • Setting Up Autofac 3.5+
    • Setting Up
    • Setting Up Solr 6 Server and Solr Cloud
    • Saying  Bye Bye Lucene!  Hello Solr!
      • Version Conflicts with Autofac and Sitecore Solr Support Packages
      • Implementing the Sitecore Solr Autofac Interface DLL
      • Dependency Injection 101 – What NOT to do.
      • Core Swapping During Index – Let Me Help!

Stay Tuned and Follow me on Twitter @SitecoreHacker!

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