An Open Letter From Technology Sector Leaders on Donald Trump

Read This Open Letter from Technology Sector Leaders on Donald Trump 

Though I have very little political clout, I am astounded and enlightened reading this open letter. It pleases me to no end how encouraged I am that this many number of top technology leaders are willing to stand in solidarity, and have their name attached to such a powerful letter.

Although I am but a meer ant to the Giants listed in this letter, I stand among them in unity.

My endorsement of this letter is by my own volition and not a reflection of any company, past, present, or future that I am a part of or represent.

We can not risk having Donald Trump as our president. As much as I vocally dislike the other options currently in the race, you can guarantee that I will not be voting for Donald Trump, and I hope this letter encourages others to think about the choice they have and revel in the fact that we do live in a free country and it is a privilege and a right as a member of this society to vote and choose who leads us.

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