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Month: November 2017

Value List Field Module Released

For some time, I have had a subtle module available through Dynamic Sites called Value List Field.  The need for this module was born while writing Dynamic Sites and realized there was a simple List field type missing from Sitecore: A string value list. Every list drop-down in Sitecore requires the value to equate to… Read More ›

Bug: Sitecore’s Heartbeat.aspx page returns 500 Error

Since 8.0+, Sitecore has been adding various connection strings to the ConnectionStrings.config file that are not SQL Connection strings.  Out of the box, Sitecore provides one called reporting.apikey which is normally empty.  However, Sitecore modules, such as Email Experience Manager have been adding a slew of new connection strings for things cipher keys, Dispatch server paths,… Read More ›

Bypassing Sitecore’s Request Verification

This is going to be a fairly short blog post, but hopefully helps someone else out there. Recently, I came across the dreaded RequestVerificationToken is not present error while troubleshooting why Content Testing wasn’t working.  As of this blog post, I still don’t know what is in my code that is breaking request verification, however, I was… Read More ›

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