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Managing the Unsubscribe: Part 2

Managing the Unsubscribe

Day 18 of 25 Days of Sitecore EXM continues the mini-series Managing the Unsubscribe with an in-depth look at how the Global Opt-Out list works. This is a continuation from yesterday’s introducing how List Exclusions work.

The Unsubscribe In Action

Earlier in this series, during Day 13, I created a list of 50 Test Users in List Manager to use in our Email Variant testing and we dispatched those messages to our test users.

Now, we’re going to take two of those users and perform the Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe From All methods of controlling subscription.

In this scenario, Test User 2 we are going to simply Unsubscribe. And Test User 5 we are going to Unsubscribe From All. In both cases, changes to List manager is going to occur. Here are the results.

Unsubscribe – Test User 2

By clicking the unsubscribe, we reduced the number of recipients in our 50 Test Users Contact List to 49. This is because, Test User 2 has been removed.

Unsubscribe From All – Test User 5

Clicking on Unsubscribe From all from our Email Variant message, we have successfully unsubscribed this user from ALL dispatches in our Manager Root. In this case, the Manager Root used is using the Common Global Opt-out Contact List for Opt-Outs. In the image above, we see that this list has incremented by 1. This is because Test User 5 is now added to this list.

Furthermore, notice that the 50 Test Users Contact list did NOT go down. This is because Test User 5 is still on the list. Therefore, in the event that this contact would like to “resubscribe”, they simply need to be removed from the Common Global Opt-Out list.

Global Excludes During Dispatch

Now that we have an understanding on how to get on the Global Opt-Out List, let’s review what happens during a dispatch. For the purposes of this example, we are going to fast forward the creation of an email, and we’re going to use the 50 Test Users contact list, as our Included List.

Already, we see that this list only has 49 recipients in it. That’s because Test User 2 Unsubscribed from just this list (using a previous message using this list). Additionally, once this list is added into the message, the Email campaign info block shows detailed information about the recipients that are going to be sent to.

While there are 49 recipients in our Included List, this is showcasing that 1 of our users in that list is in the Globally excluded contact list.  This brings the total recipients to be dispatched down to 48 contacts.

Part 3 Tomorrow

We continue Managing the Unsubscribe series tomorrow with Part 3 where we’ll look specifically at the Marketing Preferences Center and how we can both manage Global Opt-Out subscription, as well as manage the new concept of Marketing Preferences.

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