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I’m baaaccckk…

Where did Sitecore Hacker go?

Tumbleweeds on this blog site, so I wanted to take a moment and come out of the hibernation that I was in. There’s been a lot of life changes that have happened since my last blog post. I left Connective DX, which was bought by PK, which was bought by Concentrix, and joined Perficient back at the beginning of 2020. Then shortly after this little thing called a global pandemic hit. Daycare’s closed, offices shut down, and someone who is extremely extroverted ended up having to be locked up in a house for several months. That did not bode well for my ability to contribute to a community, nor did I have a ton of motivation for thinking about Sitecore, let alone write a blog post.

Then in January 2021, I ended up getting run over by a car. Hospital for 23 days, bed rest for 3 months, and some new hardware in the left leg that makes the TSA turn heads when I fly. But, I am alive, I haven’t kicked the bucket (yet) and in-between all of this, Sitecore decided to really change architectures on me.

This isn’t going to be a heavily technical blog post. In fact, it’s more of just a note of things to come, but I did want to share what I do plan on writing about in the coming days/weeks.

Sitecore 10.2 – Developer Install Guide

Like any well-mannered developer, I have started with nothing. Fresh laptop, a clean install of Windows, no additional modules except the basics for Powershell and Visual Studio. So I embarked on a journey to follow Sitecore’s published 10.2 Local Developer Environment Installation Guide.

I’m telling you… it’s not a guide for installing a Developer Environment, it’s a tutorial on how to install Sitecore in a manner that prevents extensibility, prevents usability, and was riddled with error, after error, after error. Errors that I had to go google, barely found blog posts for, and frankly pissed me the hell off. On a clean laptop, I couldn’t even run the Sitecore Development Installation Guide on the Sitecore Downloads page for 10.2 So that’s the forward of what will become my next new hit blog series: Unlocking Sitecore 10 and XM Cloud. And yes, I will start off, with yet another blog post highlighting how you ACTUALLY install Sitecore and hopefully teach you (and me!) a little bit more about Docker, Dockerfiles, the .NET Core Sitecore CLI.

For now, I’m excited to finally be back in a headspace where I can offer my insights, observations, and cautionary tales. I look forward to bringing you an action-packed blog series soon, and hopefully get an opportunity to see all your wonderful faces in person at Sitecore Symposium in Chicago!

For now, here’s a tidbit from what will be the first blog post: Just ignore Sitecore’s Install Guide for Installing a Developer Environment. Wait for my soon-to-be-heavily-anticipated-and-much-awaited-for blog series on how to actually do Sitecore: Unlocking Sitecore 10 and XM Cloud. Or don’t, and enjoy the pain.

Either way! More to come!

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