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Pete Navarra


Who am I?

My name is Pete Navarra,

I am a Sitecore MVP (2017-2019 Technologist) and an experienced IT professional (executive, director, manager, developer) working in the web industry. I have come from many walks of life with a rich history of personal loss, professional success, and plain old dumb luck. This blog serves as my outlet for saying the things that I need to say, sharing my life stories and professional trials and tribulations.

I’ve have been working with Sitecore since January of 2008 and have been on quite the amazing journey of learning about the platform, working with various agencies, product companies and doing dozens upon dozens of Sitecore implementations. I am about as enthusiastic about Sitecore as I am food. If you’ve seen my waistline, you’ll understand.

Since early 2017, I’ve been Sitecore Practice Director at Connective DX, a Sitecore Platinum Partner. At Connective DX, we specialize in customer experience, engagement, insights, and optimization. Our Sitecore Practice delivers high-quality Sitecore implementations with an eye towards best practices and enabling our clients to fully utilize the Sitecore Experience Platform.

I specialize in Platform Architecture, Problem Solving, and Mentoring!

Join me on my travels as I navigate life and Sitecore, one pipeline at a time!

Why am I surrounded by police cars?!

Great story! One day I’ll blog about it!

Is this only a professional blog?

Negative, this is my personal and professional blog. So be aware that sometimes I might post things that are not necessarily associated with Sitecore or the place that I work. Sometimes I’ll post movie reviews, life hacks, general rants. It is my mental outlet. My opinions are my own!

Why am I blogging?

I have stories to tell, questions to ask, aspirations to achieve. For the past 15+ years of my life, I’ve kept silent, only spoken about my experiences in small audiences and have been relatively successful in life. It’s time for me to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. I want to share my experiences, good and bad. I want to build rapport with those seeking the same thing I’m seeking whether it be validation and confirmation or asinine examples of what NOT to do professionally and maybe even personally.

Got that? Great, here are some other things you need to know!

  • I am a terrible typer, grammarist, and speller. If I’m in a hurry, my posts will have spelling errors, grammar errors, and might not even read correctly. Sometimes I miss these things even when I proofread and would rather publish anyways and walk away. If you spot these issues, feel free to point them out or say nothing. Eventually, as I see mistakes, I’ll edit posts to clear up any errors or confusions.
  • I love to tell stories. All of my stories are true and factual and really did happen to me and I am expressing these stories through my persona. However, I am prone to some exaggeration and reserve the right of artistic license to embellish portions of my stories whether it’s to make something boring more interesting or add gravity to a situation. However, I can guarantee that the core parable’s you are reading is based on true stories and my life events.
  • My comments are moderated. Please accept my advanced apologies if I don’t accept your comment at all or “quick enough”. I do encourage and invite people to make comments on my posts and hope to actually create conversation through my comments. However, there are people associated with my life that try to troll and take over comments on my blogs. For this reason, I moderate my comments. Please do not let it deter you from participating in the open arena of discussion.
  • I have great expectations of filling in the gaps between the stories of today and the stories of yesterday. As such, you may see a mix of blogs that go from present tense to past tense. I will backdate those blogs so that they align properly as I come to them. Hope that’s not too confusing!

Sincerely Yours,


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