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Introducing Jacob Nielsen on SitecoreHacker

December 26, 2018

I’m super excited to announce that SitecoreHacker has brought on board Jacob Nielsen as a regularly posting guest author!

Analytics Processing on DataSource Items

How to wire DataSource Items to process the Analytics Tracking field to trigger goals and page events!

SUGCON EU 2018 – Reflections

  The Feels of SUGCON Prost! Just got back to Boston from having a whirlwind trip to Berlin, Germany. Before all of the feels and emotions escape me, I wanted to get my reflections out from this amazing journey!  First and foremost, the Sitecore Community. Y’all!  This is really what this conference is all about…. Read More ›

Email Delivery Options in Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager

Recently, a Sitecore Stack Exchange question was posted asking about the differences between Sitecore’s Cloud Email Delivery Service and the Custom SMTP configuration that is provided by Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager (EXM). The following is my answer to that question, which I felt made for a good blog post. The difference between Sitecore Email Cloud… Read More ›

Sitecore Users vs. Sitecore Contacts: One Is Not Like The Other

Recently on Sitecore Stack Exchange, a question was asked regarding the Email Experience Manager (EXM) process and having a double opt-in form for a newsletter subscription. The root of the question actually had nothing to do with EXM and instead, how to manage contacts versus managing users. A lot of early implementations of EXM (and… Read More ›

Sitecore 9.0.1 on Azure: PaaS Deployment Guide

A definitive guide taking you on a journey through deploying Sitecore on Azure PaaS.

EXM Dashboard

The EXM Experience: Tips, Tricks, and How to Get Started

For those interested, I have scheduled a slot for the Sitecore New England User Group on my presentation on Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager on March 14th, 2018! This will be my first overall presentation to the Sitecore community and hopefully the first of many more to come!  I will also be submitting this for SUGCON… Read More ›

Bug: Sitecore’s Heartbeat.aspx page returns 500 Error

Since 8.0+, Sitecore has been adding various connection strings to the ConnectionStrings.config file that are not SQL Connection strings.  Out of the box, Sitecore provides one called reporting.apikey which is normally empty.  However, Sitecore modules, such as Email Experience Manager have been adding a slew of new connection strings for things cipher keys, Dispatch server paths,… Read More ›

Bypassing Sitecore’s Request Verification

This is going to be a fairly short blog post, but hopefully helps someone else out there. Recently, I came across the dreaded RequestVerificationToken is not present error while troubleshooting why Content Testing wasn’t working.  As of this blog post, I still don’t know what is in my code that is breaking request verification, however, I was… Read More ›

Bug: Contact Facets Overwritten on CSV Import

I’ve identified a bug in Sitecore’s List Manager CSV import that overwrites facet data on an import without notice.

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